Friday, 26 September 2014

Garden Centre Haul

So today Mum and I took a trip to the garden centre (which is always a mistake) and I bought a large pot and collection of plants so I can have my own mini garden in her large meticulously organised one. I absolutely love visiting the garden centre, the flowers are all so beautiful that I have to stop myself from emptying the entire shop and there's something really therapeutic about planting and looking after them. So here's what I gathered to plant:

 I absolutely adore the basic terracotta pots, plus this one was such a good size so I could fit all the plants I wanted in there.

 Doesn't this stuff make you think of christmas?

Something a bit more colourful

Violas are so cute!

A little red robin tree for the middle, I love the way the leaves all grow naturally in so many different colours. They start off as a deep red, then turn to green and then to yellow.

I also bought some bulbs to plant underneath it all for a nice surprise in the spring. . .

Both bee friendly because we do like to have the bees in our garden.

The last thing I bought was for inside because I absolutely love having plants inside but have to be very careful what they are otherwise the dogs just destroy them.

How cute is this? It contains bulbs to plant which are these beautiful purple flowers. Plus I'm going to keep it in the kitchen so when they're done I can plant herbs in it, because I've always wanted to be one of those cooks who can just go and pluck whatever herbs they need instead of buying them.

Does anyone else have any cool garden ideas, or a garden centre addiction like me?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Builder Blues, Autumn & Ridiculous Trousers

It's finally Autumn! I love autumn, the colours, the knitted jumpers, curling up by the fire on rainy days with a hot chocolate it's all amazing. Unfortunately this year I won't be doing those things because we're having the whole house rewired, redecorated and re furnished. Which is absolutely wonderful and it'll be amazing when it's done however at the moment my house has no wallpaper, radiators or furniture and is always full of builders so it's a bit chilly and very busy. Also half of my clothes are in storage hence no knitted jumpers for Amber. . .

On the plus side I managed to write 2000 words on my latest little project today so I rewarded myself by escaping with Joe for a wander around the countryside.

It's still very green but you can see that the colours are starting to change and I'm ridiculously over excited about this! Plus with all this sitting around the house I have an excuse to get my ultimate comfort trousers out.

I know they're a little bit ridiculous but they're soo comfy plus they're real patchwork not printed and so clearly made from offcuts from other items which means every time I look at them I see a new pattern.

Hopefully the building work will end soon and I'll be able to enjoy some of Autumn in a cosy house but even if that's not the case as stressful as it is not having any furniture it'll be amazing having the house re-done!

Headphones Turned Up

Close your eyes,
keep your head faced down
and your headphones turned up.
Maybe then you won't hear the tears fall, of the girl next to you in the coffee shop.
She's a stranger and it's not ok to talk about it.
What if all she needs,
is someone who will talk about it?

Or the boy down the street
who stares at the wall all day.
Did you ever ask?
If there's something he's dying to say.
Or do you cross the road?
And give him his space.
When maybe all he's been given
is personal space.

But we close our eyes.
Keep our heads faced down
and our headphones turned up.
Because their answers on Google right?
not in a human touch.
Surely we can't help them,
We can't help their lives restart.
So we turn away.
Let them cure their own hearts.

The Beginning. . .

Ever since I was little I've absolutely loved writing. Poems, stories, random pages of irrelevant scenarios it didn't matter. If it popped into my head I had to put it on paper. However I am easily distracted, tending to get off topic and then struggle to find my way back. This is my strange solution. Whenever I'm struggling to keep on track I will use this to blurt out the random ideas I have swirling around my head so they don't confuse what I'm meant to be focusing on. This could be anything from a random poem to me just rambling on about my life. It also means that I can pass some ideas around and hopefully get some feedback.

Anyway I should probably tell you a bit about myself. My name is Amber, I'm an 18 year old pescatarian with a slight hair dye addiction. I have three dogs an Irish Wolfhound (Uno), a rottweiler cross german shepherd (Joe) and a mastiff cross something we aren't sure about (Stubbs). They're all rescue dogs so can be a bit complicated at times but they're also adorable and amazing to cuddle. (My family have always had a thing for big dogs, can you tell?) As well as loving to write I also love gardening, sewing and baking. Especially trying out new and random recipes from obscure places, I waste so much time scouring the internet for interesting ideas...So that's me. My life isn't really all that exciting but I quite enjoy it.