Thursday, 25 September 2014

Builder Blues, Autumn & Ridiculous Trousers

It's finally Autumn! I love autumn, the colours, the knitted jumpers, curling up by the fire on rainy days with a hot chocolate it's all amazing. Unfortunately this year I won't be doing those things because we're having the whole house rewired, redecorated and re furnished. Which is absolutely wonderful and it'll be amazing when it's done however at the moment my house has no wallpaper, radiators or furniture and is always full of builders so it's a bit chilly and very busy. Also half of my clothes are in storage hence no knitted jumpers for Amber. . .

On the plus side I managed to write 2000 words on my latest little project today so I rewarded myself by escaping with Joe for a wander around the countryside.

It's still very green but you can see that the colours are starting to change and I'm ridiculously over excited about this! Plus with all this sitting around the house I have an excuse to get my ultimate comfort trousers out.

I know they're a little bit ridiculous but they're soo comfy plus they're real patchwork not printed and so clearly made from offcuts from other items which means every time I look at them I see a new pattern.

Hopefully the building work will end soon and I'll be able to enjoy some of Autumn in a cosy house but even if that's not the case as stressful as it is not having any furniture it'll be amazing having the house re-done!

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