Friday, 26 September 2014

Garden Centre Haul

So today Mum and I took a trip to the garden centre (which is always a mistake) and I bought a large pot and collection of plants so I can have my own mini garden in her large meticulously organised one. I absolutely love visiting the garden centre, the flowers are all so beautiful that I have to stop myself from emptying the entire shop and there's something really therapeutic about planting and looking after them. So here's what I gathered to plant:

 I absolutely adore the basic terracotta pots, plus this one was such a good size so I could fit all the plants I wanted in there.

 Doesn't this stuff make you think of christmas?

Something a bit more colourful

Violas are so cute!

A little red robin tree for the middle, I love the way the leaves all grow naturally in so many different colours. They start off as a deep red, then turn to green and then to yellow.

I also bought some bulbs to plant underneath it all for a nice surprise in the spring. . .

Both bee friendly because we do like to have the bees in our garden.

The last thing I bought was for inside because I absolutely love having plants inside but have to be very careful what they are otherwise the dogs just destroy them.

How cute is this? It contains bulbs to plant which are these beautiful purple flowers. Plus I'm going to keep it in the kitchen so when they're done I can plant herbs in it, because I've always wanted to be one of those cooks who can just go and pluck whatever herbs they need instead of buying them.

Does anyone else have any cool garden ideas, or a garden centre addiction like me?

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