Thursday, 25 September 2014

Headphones Turned Up

Close your eyes,
keep your head faced down
and your headphones turned up.
Maybe then you won't hear the tears fall, of the girl next to you in the coffee shop.
She's a stranger and it's not ok to talk about it.
What if all she needs,
is someone who will talk about it?

Or the boy down the street
who stares at the wall all day.
Did you ever ask?
If there's something he's dying to say.
Or do you cross the road?
And give him his space.
When maybe all he's been given
is personal space.

But we close our eyes.
Keep our heads faced down
and our headphones turned up.
Because their answers on Google right?
not in a human touch.
Surely we can't help them,
We can't help their lives restart.
So we turn away.
Let them cure their own hearts.

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