Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Beginning. . .

Ever since I was little I've absolutely loved writing. Poems, stories, random pages of irrelevant scenarios it didn't matter. If it popped into my head I had to put it on paper. However I am easily distracted, tending to get off topic and then struggle to find my way back. This is my strange solution. Whenever I'm struggling to keep on track I will use this to blurt out the random ideas I have swirling around my head so they don't confuse what I'm meant to be focusing on. This could be anything from a random poem to me just rambling on about my life. It also means that I can pass some ideas around and hopefully get some feedback.

Anyway I should probably tell you a bit about myself. My name is Amber, I'm an 18 year old pescatarian with a slight hair dye addiction. I have three dogs an Irish Wolfhound (Uno), a rottweiler cross german shepherd (Joe) and a mastiff cross something we aren't sure about (Stubbs). They're all rescue dogs so can be a bit complicated at times but they're also adorable and amazing to cuddle. (My family have always had a thing for big dogs, can you tell?) As well as loving to write I also love gardening, sewing and baking. Especially trying out new and random recipes from obscure places, I waste so much time scouring the internet for interesting ideas...So that's me. My life isn't really all that exciting but I quite enjoy it.

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