Friday, 24 October 2014

A Reminder of How Wonderful You Are

Hey guys, this is just a reminder of how incredibly brilliant you are. You probably aren't thinking about yourself much right now because the world is a busy place and the human mind is always full of other stuff. So I'm here to let you know that you are amazing!

You are beautiful all the time - even at 6am in your pyjamas and with bed head you are beautiful, anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. Not that it really matters because you're strong and independent which is amazing, seriously.

You are ridiculously smart - Not just academically but about the world to. You're creative.

I wish we were friends because you are literally the sweetest person - You make everyone who meets you smile and feel warm inside I'm not kidding. Plus you are hilarious, whilst being charming which is so unfair I wish I was like that.

You are simply amazing and you should always remember to compliment yourself.

What ever you are going through, what ever you are struggling with (because we all have something) I know you're going to get through it because you're incredibly strong and because everything I just said is 100% true.

However you will probably forget about your amazing-ness because life is hard and likes to fill our minds with irrelevant stuff so just remember that this post and I will always be here to remind you of just how wonderful you really are. So here's a hug...

Now go show the world how awesome you are! x

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