Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Wonderful Sunday Outing

So today my wonderful boyfriend Pete took me on a day out to Groombridge place, which is an absolutely amazing place to spend a Sunday. There were animals, an amazing woodland walk, a birds of prey display and so much more.

The board walk through the woods is incredible because they haven't disturbed the trees to build it, the path winds where the trees have left space for it. For kids there are tunnels and tyres to crawl through which of course Pete had to try. . .

(He only got a little bit stuck)

The birds of prey display was brilliant, at one point I got clipped in the head with a Harris's hawk wing. They were all so beautiful and being that up close to them was truly incredible.

The bald eagle was a little bit terrifying, when she flapped her wings near you it created such a gust of wind it knocked the breath out of you. . .however my favourite was the barn owl, his feathers were absolutely stunning!

Everything about this place was beautiful I can thoroughly recommend it as a place to visit even just to see the gorgeous gardens.

This was the perfect start to my Autumn, enjoying the crisp weather and changing colours in such a beautiful environment could put anyone in a good mood! 

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