Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Am I a Good Person?

Please excuse the purple hair (old photo)

This is a question people seem to ask a lot, 'do you think you're a good person?' and at first I would say yes because I always try to do good things, help other people and do all the things that seem to sum up an inherently good person. However this question has a lot of different parts to it.

How do you define a good person?

Obviously at first you think about the basic things such as, they're kind to others, always try to help others and generally just be good. So what about mistakes, everyone makes mistakes or doesn't think something through well enough and does a bad thing. Does that make them a bad person? We tend to learn more as we grow older and to do that we have to learn from our mistakes so does that mean when we are younger we are bad people? This brings me to my second point:

Are we the same people we were when we were younger?

Personally I would say no. My experiences have changed me bit by bit forming a new person from the old one, when I look back at my younger self I don't recognise many traits at all. We are forever changing and evolving as we learn from our mistakes and general life experience until we become completely new people. It's slow enough that you may not notice it but lets be honest when we look back at old photos of ourselves or talk about things we did years ago am I the only person who feels a certain amount of detachment?

My point is that we both have good and bad inside of us and I feel that splitting the majority of people into the categories of good and bad is skipping over some of the complexities that make being human so incredibly interesting. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below :) x

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