Monday, 6 October 2014

Bedroom Design Dreams

As you know I'm currently in the midst of a complete house rewire and redecoration so things are a little bit crazy at the moment. However despite the lack of furniture, radiators or electricity at some points I'm staying cheery by searching for some special little extras to make my bedroom feel that little bit more personal. . .

I think this table lamp is adorable but that may just be because it matches my favourite mug.
(Dunelm Mill)

These make me chuckle every time. . .

I love that these aren't lined up perfectly and I want to fill my room with family photos
(Dunelm Mill)

I love the natural colours of these, plus the simplicity of the design is beautiful.

These are just a few ideas I've had for little touches, I'm sure I'll change my mind a thousand times before I actually buy anything.

What would you have in your dream room?

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