Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Getting Crafty

So Mum decided she wanted some extra decoration in the kitchen using Stencils to brighten up the place. We found a brilliant website that sells reusable stencils in beautiful flower and vine designs where the options were endless. We settled on a border of morning glory flowers for the back of the counters and a dangling vine one for around the back door.

They arrived in the post yesterday and today I've been testing out the border on a spare bit of painted wood we had lying around for no good reason.

In progress: I did half the stencil at first to practice joining up ends

The completed first attempt.

This was really fun to do as well as being really simple. Using the roller took some getting used to but I cannot wait to do this on the kitchen wall! I think adding things like this to your home make it that bit more personal and really brightens up a room. Plus I love that I'll be able to look at it and think 'I did that.'

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