Friday, 17 October 2014

How Waking Up Earlier Has Helped Me

Since we've been having work done on the house the builders have been in at 8am which means everyone has to be out of bed by 7am to feed the dogs and make sure things are out of the way.

At first this was hell for me, I am not normally an early riser mornings make me stressy and irritable. However now I've adjusted to this new schedule I've found myself being so much more productive because lets be honest you can do a lot more during daylight.

So I'm up at 7, I roll out of my camp bed. (I will have a real bed when the work is over) Help feed the dogs, have breakfast and a speedy shower. By 8am I'm ready to face the day.

That leaves me with all this time to write, draw, walk the dogs, read, chat with the builders and help mum out with all the daily chores. It's amazing having all this time on my hands plus now I'm fully adjusted to the earlier start I feel great in the mornings.

It also means that I'm actually eating three meals a day which is amazingly rare for me!

(I feel I should also point out that none of this is being run by coffee)

Are you a morning or night person? :)

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