Friday, 31 October 2014

My Imaginary World

So I'm going to try and explain this without sounding absolutely insane. Basically when I get stressed or am feeling overwhelmed I have a place in my mind that I retreat to which is pretty much an imaginary world where everything is peaceful so I can just escape for a while.

My imaginary escape is a tree house in the middle of a big open forest where the sun is always trickling through the leaves and the rain always smells fresh and cool. It has bridges leading from tree to tree and it's always quiet. All you can see for miles is trees and plants there is literally no sign of normal civilisation or technology.

It's a place for me to be alone so I can just think and reflect on what's happening in my life without feeling bogged down by it all. I think imagination is such an underrated thing, you can create an entire escape for yourself without actually having to move, isn't that incredible? I use it as a way to cope with everything that happens in everyday life - sometimes it's nice to be able to separate yourself from all of it and look at things from a distance.

I would love to hear about your imaginary worlds or the thoughts you have on this concept. I hope you are all having an amazing day. (: x

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