Wednesday, 1 October 2014

New Month Goals and Excitement

So I'm a big sucker for 'new month new start' fads that never seem to last. I can't help it, there's something I find enticing about the idea of starting fresh every month. However I tend to set myself unrealistic goals and then disappoint myself when unsurprisingly I don't do them. This month however I've tried to be a little bit more reasonable in what I can and can't achieve, especially because I'm limited by the fact that my house is currently being redone so is a bit of a disaster zone.
I've controlled myself a lot in deciding what I want to do this month by setting a 4 goal limit. It sounds ridiculous that I've put so much thought into it but it's honestly a great way of motivating yourself to try new things and actually get things done.

  1. Write between 1,000 – 2,000 words a day. - I'm working on two stories at the moment which seem to be going really well so if I can buckle down and get some serious work done on them I may be able to finish them quite soon.
  2. Go for a walk/Get fresh air everyday. - I find it so easy to turn into a hermit and not go out for days at a time which is both bad for me and a little bit depressing.
  3. Eat more healthily. - This has always been a tough one for me so if anyone has any tips that would be amazing. I tend to do really well for about a week but then I fall of the wagon. (Consistancy is not my strong point.)
  4. Visit friends more often. - Again this is about my hermit tendencies, I love my friends but find it way too easy to get engrossed in things and forget to go outside.

Does anyone else have any goals set or exciting things going on this month? I also have my big sisters 21st birthday coming up which will be amazing! Hopefully this month is set out to be a fab one and I hope it's awesome for all of you too!

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  1. Walking is my thing too!! Really worked wonders on my thighs!!