Thursday, 2 October 2014

So a lot of people don't know that I have suffered from quite severe anxiety for a long time. It appears in many forms from panic attacks to zoning out of myself to just a general fear of going out and experiencing the world. It's something that I've been learning to deal with over the years and I think it's why I've always enjoyed writing so much as getting lost in another world can be incredibly liberating.

The reason I'm posting this on the internet is because I've recently been trying something that has made a huge difference and I wanted to share it. I realised that there are a few simple things which make a massive difference to my life which I think would be valid even if you don't have anxiety because they're honestly that basic.

It's all about learning to love yourself. This seems like a ridiculously obvious statement but for so many people it's an incredibly difficult thing to do. We all have things we don't like about ourselves whether it's about your body, or your face, or even the way you think about things and these pitfalls can take a massive toll on our daily lives. However there are ways to not necessarily overcome these doubts but put them into perspective. I've never met anyone who can honestly say they are 100% happy about themselves and wouldn't change a thing. (but if you are one of those people, I both envy and admire you.)

It's little, barely noticeable changes that make such a monumental difference such as, eating healthily and getting the right amount of sleep. I'm not saying this is going to magically fix everything but I know how easy it is to feel a bit crap so eat nothing but crisps and chocolate, sleep too much or too little and wind up feeling worse. If things are getting you down try pampering yourself. Have a hot soak in a bubble bath, take some deep breaths and relax with a face mask, do whatever chills you out to try and regulate your mind again.

When all you can focus on is what you hate about yourself remind yourself what you love about yourself. For example if you hate your nose try to refocus on the fact that your eyes are incredible. Everyone has good qualities and bad qualities. There is no such thing as perfection.

I'm not trying to be an expert in all things 'self confidence' because I am most definitely not. However I have tried to use these things to generally improve my life and they've really helped. This doesn't mean that I no longer have downfalls or issues with my anxiety but it does mean that after setbacks I can pull myself up and carry on.

I'm not saying it's easy. I'm saying it's worth doing.

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